Please Note:
Underfloor Heating is an add on service to our flooring installs.  We do not offer it as a stand alone service.

Underfloor Heating Installation

During the past few years, both electric and water piped underfloor heating has become much more accessible due to it’s reduction in price. This has meant that it has become more common to have underfloor heating in the home.

There are several benefits of underfloor heating with the main one being a reduction in gas usage thus cheaper bills. Underfloor heating has less of a drain on the boiler as it allows it to run at lower temperatures.

New underfloor heating systems allow for larger areas to be heated successfully and evenly without any cold areas. This allows you to heat a room without any unsightly radiators.

Most people struggle to furnish a room without having to block or cover a radiator. For example, when placing a sofa against a radiator you inadvertently prevent some of the heat from flowing around the room, but instead end up warming the back of the sofa.

Because underfloor heating covers the entire floor it naturally sends the heat upwards and into the room heating from the bottom up and allowing you to feel the warmth quickly making it much more efficient.

Electric Underfloor Heating

With many years experience in fitting underfloor heating we have over come many obstacles along the way.

Our electric underfloor heating service includes the first fix electrical installation right through to the fitting of the floor

Electric underfloor heating has in the past been a task for the keen DIY enthusiast but with the laws getting tighter where electrical installations are concerned, it is now a job for a professional.

In January 2005, electric underfloor heating became classified as Part P installation, which requires an installer with NAPIT self certification.

With rising electrical costs, electric underfloor heating has received a lot of criticism. There are benefits of using Electric Underfloor Heating over Water Piped Underfloor Heating. One of these benefits is that it can be installed in your existing room without having to dig deep down like you do with the water piped option.

It is also a standalone system that does not interfere with your existing central heating system. This advantage is that you can heat a particular room independently from the rest of the home.

We are always asked about the cost of using electric underfloor heating. we’ve all heard the scare stories of huge bills associated with it, but if used correctly can be more efficient to run than standard oil or electric heaters.

Water Piped Underfloor Heating

A water piped Underfloor heating system is best suited for a new build or new extension due to the fact the the pipes need to be sunk quite deep and is a lot more difficult to install than electric systems

A water piped underfloor heating installation has many benefits as they can be warmed using many sources including: air source heat pumps, biomass and ground soure heat pumps.

A wet underfloor heating installation is a quick, cost effective way. With our many years experience we recommend using a wet screen over the pipes allowing the heat to naturally warm the floor without fewer cold spots.

Water piped underfloor heating can also be used in upper floors in the home in place of regular radiators. It is a little more tricky to fit in upper floors but with our expeirence we have managed tackle homes with all sorts of obstacles.

As a whole, underfloor heating gives your home a much more efficient way of warming it whilst giving the the freedom to position your furniture wherever you wish without obstructing radiators.

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