Solid Oak Flooringnoisy-solid-wood-flooring

Anyone who has solid wood flooring or engineered wooden flooring in their home will at some point have heard the annoying creaking and squeaking of the boards rubbing together.  Even the lightest of feet can make the boards creak.  Although there are no one fixes all answer, there are a few techniques you can try that prove to be effective.

In most cases, noisy solid wooden flooring is due to poor installation.  At JG Flooring we have encountered numerous instances where the customer has complained about noisy, creaky flooring and found that this is because of a poor DIY installation or simply another floor fitting company trying to cut corners on the sub floor or simply not knowing how to tackle the problem.

Most of the annoying noises are caused by the planks rubbing together under pressure.  Atmospheric conditions can cause wood to shrink and expand.  When there is no room for movement the wood is forced to push against the next plank which causes the squeak, known as side to side creaking.  A simple technique for this problem is to lubricate the affected areas with graphite powder.  Work the graphite powder into the seam with a cloth until the squeak is silent.

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